Intergomma, tyre specialists for over 50 years.

Since 1967, the Intergomma team has been providing tyres for farming, industrial and earth-moving vehicles, trucks and cars for both distribution and OE market.

Exclusive brands, selected and tested products, excellent value for money, the leadership in original equipment, 24hour customer service available all over Italy, over 20 years of ISO9001-certified procedures and, most importanty, the decades of experience of its professional staff are some of the main reasons to choose Intergomma tyres for your vehicles, for your company or for your customers. Whether you’re looking for tyres for Original Equipment or distribution market.  22 telephone lines, over  50 years in the business, more than 60 specialists, the capacity to handle 400 orders a day, a surface of 40,000 square metres and an average stock in excess of 225,000 items are just a click away.

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    Orders a day


    24hour customer service




    Number one market leader

    Distribution Division

    We work all over Italy as suppliers of exclusive leading brands and specialists in the sale of tyres for cars, light and heavy  trucks, farming, construction and earth-moving vehicles, mini-excavators, forklifts and tyres for port application.
    The quality of our services has always been our strength. Our sales department, manned by highly qualified staff, is constantly in contact with our warehouses, so our customers can contact us and get any kind of information on products, prices or availability in real time.
    Six telephone lines to handle over 400 orders a day.
    Our Shipping department coordinates the transport of our products all over Italy, and orders are dispatched from our warehouses where deliveries are arranged on a daily basis. We work with fifteen of the most important transport companies to ensure a faster and better service..

    Seriousness, fairness, constant research and innovation in our distribution and customer care systems are our company’s distinctive features.

    Our staff is highly specialised to technically support our customers, both when they buy and when they use our tires.

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    Quality tyres, exclusive brands
    and the best price on the market.

    Whatever tyre you’re looking for, the quality of the product is everything. That’s why Intergomma, with its exclusive partnerships, is glad to offer you the best tyres in the market.

    Brands such as Aeolus, CEAT, Cordiant, Hubtrac, Torque, Nokian, Mitas, Kama, PRS, Deestone, Elastomeric, Fox Tube have chosen Intergomma as one of the leading Italian and international suppliers, the go-to place to buy tires for construction and farming vehicles, excavators, forklifts and cars. We are also experts in industrial material-handling, earth moving and heavy-duty vehicles. So, we can provide you with an all-inclusive cutting-edge service.

    In addition, when you buy directly from Intergomma, you’ll be buying from Italy’s only licensed dealer – with no intermediaries – at the best price, with guaranteed delivery, because the goods are already in Italy.

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    Camion- Agricoltura - Movimento Terra

    Agricoltura - MPT -  Industria - Movimento Terra



    Agricoltura, MPT - Industria - Movimento Terra

    Vettura - Autocarro

    Camere d'aria


    Agricoltura - Industria

    Agricoltura - Giardinaggio - Industria

    Movimento Terra - Industria


    Agricoltura - Giardinaggio - Industria

    Leaders in the Original Equipment market

    The performance of our automatic wheel/tire assembly line allows us to handle substantial orders in an extremely short time. That’s why we are the preferred choice of the most important manufacturers of farming vehicles and equipment, the major manufacturers of small tractors and harvesters, the main manufacturers of construction, industrial and port vehicles, earth movers  and all sorts of equipment.

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    Our Certification

    24hour assistance and experienced staff: that’s how you become a leader in customer satisfaction too.

    We provide you with a professional, specialist 24hour assistance service to give you all the support you need for your vehicles and your work. With decades of experience, our staff can perform 360-degree analyses of your technical and operational requirements to help you choose the best products.

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    A quality service as well as quality tyres

    The endless pursuit of customer satisfaction, the constant improvement of our goods and services, have led us to receive the ISO9001 certificate in as early as July 2000, a certificate we renew every time it is updated. Such achievement proves that Intergomma is one of the first companies to:


    Achieve customer satisfaction by supplying quality goods
    Share the philosophy of continuous improvement in its organisation, working methods and human resources
    Monitor the company’s processes through suitable assessment and monitoring systems
    Implement and maintain a Quality Management System, in compliance with UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015
    Constantly improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System
    Keep its finance under control
    Keep control over its products and the entire manufacturing process by means of excellent human resources and infrastructure
    Monitor risks and opportunities
    Meet the expectations of all parties involved
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    From Original Equipment to tyre disposal.

    A low environmental impact and sustainability are the core values at Intergomma. That’s why we implement all the measures required to properly manage the tyres at the end of their lives.

    Over 400,000 tons of end-of-life tyres are produced in Italy every year, and regrettably some are not properly disposed of. Actually, heaps of unused tyres left around are not such a rare sight, especially in the most remote and disadvantaged areas of the Italian cities; when exposed to sunlight, they produce potentially cancerogenic substances; in addition, sometimes, such tyres are burnt to make room, so in that case health damage increases exponentially since the toxic cloud they release contains dioxins that may be easily inhaled or fall to the ground and contaminate groundwater.

    For years now, Intergomma has been working to improve its disposal systems and get close to carbon neutrality.

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